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Maja Windscryer
13 January 2037 @ 01:13 am
Looking for fic or art or other assorted fandomness? LOOK NO FURTHER! YAY! \o/

Unless you want a specific tag. Then you'll have to scroll down. :D

NOTE: I am in the middle of bringing my LJ up to date with all my published fic on other sites. To keep from flooding the top of my journal, however, I am backdating the entries to their original publication date. I will be adding them to this post in the order I import them here, though, so if you're looking for fic you haven't read yet, go to the bottom of the list for the new-old stuff. :D

A Quick Note on Pairings in My Art and FicCollapse )


Numb3rsCollapse )

OriginalCollapse )

PsychCollapse )

SupernaturalCollapse )


CrossoversCollapse )

AvengersCollapse )

CastleCollapse )

ChuckCollapse )

Danny PhantomCollapse )

Iron ManCollapse )

LeverageCollapse )

Marvel Cinematic UniverseCollapse )
The Uninvited Guest, [T] Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Background Avengers (sexual harassment/assault) Action/Adventure, Drama, Het, Hurt/comfort, Romance - Press parties are Tony's least favorite kind of parties—all he wants is one little crisis to shut it down. But when Pepper breaks her one rule, he'll regret ever thinking that.

MerlinCollapse )

Numb3rsCollapse )

PsychCollapse )

SuitsCollapse )

SupernaturalCollapse )

White CollarCollapse )
Maja Windscryer
Title: The Uninvited Guest
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Background Avengers
Warnings: Sexual Harassment/Assault, Hostage Situation, Langauge, Violence
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Het, Hurt/comfort, Romance
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes
Word count: 3134
Disclaimer: Spoiler: I am not Stan Lee. I know, it's super disappointing for me too.
Notes: For and betaed by musicalluna. *cuddles her face*

Summary: Press parties are Tony's least favorite kind of parties—all he wants is one little crisis to shut it down. But when Pepper breaks her one rule, he'll regret ever thinking that.

It was some press thing. These days it usually was.Collapse )
Maja Windscryer
09 May 2014 @ 06:26 pm
Got this from a_phoenixdragon and figured, eh, why not?

You Are an Imaginative Thinker

You are a nonlinear thinker, and you're even surprised by the places your mind takes you.
You love to get lost in a story, whether it's your own or not. You love fantasy.

You are a positive and uplifting person. You inspire others to be better.
You are full of wonder and curiosity. You feel a strong connection to the world.

Not sure if I should be surprised or not. ,:|

Since I'm here, I guess I might as well update any of you out there still wondering if I'm alive. Spoiler alert! I am!

I got to go see my Lucy for Christmas and stayed through NYE and what a way to end the year! Unfortunately, I've been basically unemployed since then along with all the attendant depression and insomnia that follows me like a bad stink that's soaked into my pores. I've also had a chronic cough that showed up a few weeks later. My lovely Hive helped me get to the doctor finally, but the results were inconclusive. He gave me an antibiotic just in case and a sample of a nose spray, but neither really seemed to do anything. I suspect it's my asthma finally getting off its ass and mutating from "exercise induced" to "fuck you all the time" but I can't afford to go in again and see for sure, so I'm just trying not to do anything to trigger it in the meantime.

I joined the WIP Big Bang hosted by the lovely frea_o and shenshen77, but I chose my WIP badly (last year's NaNo) and it got out of control and couldn't be tamed before the deadline, so I had to withdraw. Still, it was a lovely experience, they are just darlings all around, and I'd like to try again next round if I can find a less insane WIP-shaped brick wall to bang my head against. And I did make a great deal of progress on the story itself, so that's good.

My attempts to continue the Great Workout Streak of 2013 haven't yet been successful, but I've gotten over to the park lately to just wander and think and that's good. Well, the last time was terrible, so many things went wrong the horrors! THE HORRORS! but my not returning since then has been more about having to lay in siege against the Commies that invaded my fun house and the exhaustion and generally BLARGHness than anything else. I actually almost went one night anyway during a pause in the battles, but then my uterus decided that life wasn't worth living and tried to strangle itself.

I started learning French last year concurrent with the Great Workout Streak, but fell off that bandwagon at about the same time. I've been thinking about starting it up again. Maybe I'll do that this next week.

I also finally caved and joined The Fandom that Shall Not Be Named (no, not that one, I joined that one YEARS ago and have no qualms about admitting I'm a Slytherin all the way, baby ;D). It's saddening because I really would LOVE to join this fandom, I haven't wanted to be in a fandom this much since, God, probably SG-1. But it's a toxic waste dump of terrible and I really can't handle that kind of bad in my life right now, so I talk to myself and my dog and watch repeats until my eyes bleed and read fanfic until I almost have to scream I want to comment so bad. Being a fandom hermit SUCKS, just FYI.

I think that's about it. Five months of my life summed up in as many short paragraphs, but ah well. Ç'est ma vie.
Maja Windscryer
26 September 2013 @ 02:24 pm
Originally posted by a_phoenixdragon at Please help the kitty
Originally posted by digitalwave at Please help the kitty
Won't you help a poor kitteh in need? :)

Originally posted by adelheide at Please help the kitty
When Baby Girl first came to my home, she was so happy. A full food bowl, fresh water, oodles of attention. She was very happy.

 photo P1010067_zpscc963254.jpg

But what the poor dear didn't realize was that she was moving in with an addict. Me. I can't stop making jewelry. *sob* And now her Royal Roundness is reduced to this.

 photo P1010071_zps9e778ec0.jpg

But you can help. With just a few purchases can help this poor kitty from a life of being crowded off the bed. Won't you help the kitty?

Don't forget my Stop the Moon Promotion is running until Halloween. Not only can you help with poor, oppressed kitty, but you can do something for yourself.

Every $10 in purchases earns you a point. You can redeem those points for rewards.

4 points = 1 pair of earrings (valued up to $25)
6 points = 1 pair of earrings (valued over $25)
8 points = 1 bracelet (valued up to $25)
10 points = semi-precious bracelet of your choice
12 points = 1 necklace (valued up to $30)
15 points = any necklace you want

But if you can't take some inventory off my hands, refer your friends. Get as many people as you can involved in helping this poor little girl from a lifetime of not being allowed to lay where she wants suffering.

Refer 3 friends who purchase, get a free pair of custom-made earrings.
Refer 7 friends who purchase, get a free custom-made bracelet.
Refer 10 friends who purchase, get a free custom-made necklace.
Refer 15 friends who purchase, get a semi-precious item.

Please! Help this pitiful cat! *big teary anime eyes* Save her from not being able to be on the ottoman while I work. *cue violins * Help her live a fulfilling life of sprawling across the bottom of my bed. *sniffle*sniff* Won't somebody think of the children kitty?! *wring hands*

Once more I ask you all to the rescue. This poor defenseless kitty *giggles madly* is in need of her 12 naps a day - and cannot do it with all this...this jewelry everywhere!

Even if you are unable to assist - send out the word, pimp this post, repost and share. Kitties should not be subjected to horrors like...like no place to sleep. *Grins* So help a fuzzy-baby out, yeah?

*Squishes everyone with a smile*



*stifles snickers*

Seriously, though, some gorgeous pretties to be had. And helping a kitty at the same time! DOUBLE WIN. \o/
Maja Windscryer
03 September 2013 @ 03:11 pm

So I found this website, 750words.com (based on a book which I want to read, but cannot recall the name of at this moment), where the idea is to write 3 pages a day, which works out to 750 words apparently. It can be about anything, your life, your opinions, nonfiction, fiction, whatever, it's just a writing exercise to cleanse the creative palate.

Blah blah blah I talk too much, but if you care click here.Collapse )

A mini-fic then for Danny Phantom. Because WHY NOT?Collapse )

1020 words! PEACE. I'M OUT.

Maja Windscryer

That Which Sustains Me
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinsson, Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, OMC, background Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Warnings: gore, language, violence
Spoilers: None
Genres: Drama, Friendship, Gen, Hurt/comfort
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes
Word count: 2360
Disclaimer: I don't want Phil to come "talk" to me, so, no, I claim no dominion over these people.
Notes: prompted and flailed over by musicalluna

Summary: The villain of the week thinks he's found the Avengers weakest link. When will they ever learn?

Tony sucked in a breath, choked on the blood dripping into his throat, and bent forward with the hacking coughs, pulling on the chains that bound him to the wall.Collapse )
Maja Windscryer
17 February 2013 @ 01:14 pm

On Hold
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Warnings: language
Spoilers: None
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Het, Plot What Plot (No Pr0n), Romance, Emotional hurt/comfort
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes
Word count: 3308
Disclaimer: Tony owns the world, Pepper owns him, I own... a 1991 Toyota? *sigh*
Notes: prompted and flailed over by musicalluna

Summary: Tony wakes up and finds he's not alone. The gorgeous red-head next to him is usually up long before he is. He's sure as hell not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Tony is not an alarm clock kind of person.Collapse )
Maja Windscryer

Like Fathers, Like Son
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Peter Parker
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Genres: Family, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Slash
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes
Word count: 2310
Disclaimer: Steve and Tony and Peter belong to each other, not me. (And Stan Lee, but he's not in this fic. Not even a cameo. Sorry, Stan.)
Notes: Superfamily fic, lovingly flailed over betaed by musicalluna

Summary: Tony's brain was more than prepared to fill in the blanks—everything from Peter falling off the monkey bars and breaking his leg to a school shooting or terrorist attack.

Tony had been in a meeting when the call came through and Pepper confiscated his phone before it started, so all he had to go on was a terse message telling him he needed to come to Peter's school as soon as possible.Collapse )
Maja Windscryer
15 August 2012 @ 09:49 am
Originally posted by tahirire at War

My friend Sarah lost her husband, Staff Sergent Matt Sitton, in Afghanistan a little over a week ago.

When I first met Sarah, she was 16 and her family had just moved from Arizona. Her father was the new youth pastor at my husband's church, and they needed a place to stay, so they lived with my in-laws for about a year. Their best friend, Linda, who followed them here from AZ, married my best friend from college and is now the mother of my Godson. Her parents, Dave and Sandy, have been a big part of our lives these last several years. I went to Sarah and Matt's wedding just barely over a year ago. They got married in a big field underneath a giant, ancient oak tree strung with fairy lights, and danced all night under a huge white tent lit with lanterns that kept the cold away. Nine months ago, their son Brodey was born. This was Matt's third deployment.

It breaks my heart to see my friend with that look on her face. If there is one thing you can always count on Sarah for, it is that she is usually beaming. She is still so young (22? Maybe almost 23 now), and her entire world has just been turned upside down. I wasn't able to be there for Matt's public procession, but I am proud of my city for turning out to show their support.

There is only so much anyone can do in times like these, but I was asked by a few flisters to post here if I heard of anything set up to help the family. They have set up a fund for Brodey to go towards his college someday, and the information regarding that is at the end of the article linked below. Any help, even a simple signal boost, would be appreciated.


I consider myself very blessed that my military service did not end with having to make the ultimate sacrifice for my country, but I knew others who did and I honor all those who have. My heart goes out to this young family.

If you can donate even a little bit, that would be wonderful. If you can only pass this message along, that is appreciated as well.
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